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Wooden City

Wooden City Magic Clock kit

Wooden City Magic Clock kit

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Wooden City Magic Clock Kit  Create your own time machine an absorbing wooden city  mechanical hobby kit to make  listen to passing of time ticking from a wooden clock made by your own hands! Magic is there – you can speed up time or slow it down by putting coins of different weight into the pendulum of the clock.

Build your own Magic Clock and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a fabulous world of secrets, mysteries, and enchantment! Then, wind it up and listen to the passage of time! A steady rhythm marks the fleeting seconds … Tick-tock… Fairy tale and science all in one. The Magic Clock is not just a 3D puzzle, it actually “lives”. You can watch the whole mechanism and study its work. For the pendulum, you need only invest a coin. The correct pendulum swing frequency for the accurate passage of time depends on its weight. What a smart mathematical game!

In fact, one movement of the clock lasts half an hour. The Magic Clock 3D Puzzle by WOODEN.CITY consists of two clock faces – one for hours and one for minutes – the clock mechanism and a pendulum. They are refined, whimsical and at the same time harmonious – they will be the unique highlight of your home. Besides, mechanical clocks with fine-designed woodcarving make unique gifts for your loved ones and putting them together makes an exotic hobby for you.

LASER CUT WOOD PUZZLES: Made from Eco-Friendly birch plywood, this mechanical model is a puzzle you build by fitting laser cut pieces together with no messy glues or adhesives required.
MECHANICAL MODEL: The Magic Clock 3D Puzzle by Wooden.City consists of two clock faces - one for hours and one for minutes, the clock mechanism, and a pendulum.
FUN FOR ADULTS & TEENAGERS: Adults, teens and older kids love the challenge of model building, and kids can learn about gravity, gears, design, and engineering concepts as they build!
EDUCATIONAL TOY: Enhance your creativity, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills with this relaxing hobby during your spare time. Parental assistance for kids under 14 recommended.
INDOOR ENTERTAINMENT: The complexity of this set brings people together and provides hours of amusement for everyone. A great family activity, this puzzle is engaging, fun, STEM to exercises the mind

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