Collection: Ugears Model Kits

UGears mechanical model kits Engineering art of the machine in wood 3D Model Kits
in plywood that work, to purchase in Australia.
Ugears the life of Living Artificial Motion, Engineering come alive with willfull
predetermined governance, fine float your boat models to build & collect.

Ugears a company based in Ukraine that produces various self propelled wooden plywood
mechanical 3D model kits with construction assembly without glue.
Made from plywood obtained from responsible, sustainable sources, inspirational real
life mechanisms by Ugears that work.

Fun for kids & adults of all ages ,Models that work without a hitch, plywood joint design,
no glue required.

Join The Ugears tribe & get overwhelmed by waves of 3D action, the cool old-school world
of mechanics ,with a rewarding feel to highlight the day