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Wooden City

Wooden City 4X4 Model Kit

Wooden City 4X4 Model Kit

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Wooden city 4x4 Explore your wood craft model building skills, Your wooden city model build  adventure starts here the choice off road machine with plenty of power to get you through, No matter what what !,going Above and Beyond ,designed tough, to withstand the extremes faced by enthusiasts Australia wide. Touring, towing, camping or competition wooden city 4 x 4 the go-to vehicle wooden city model kit to choose

Wooden city 4x4,designed for rugged individuals. so They can overcome obstacles, dust, roads, and hazards! putting real adventures right into your hands!

The 4x4 model features an internal combustion engine with moving pistons, and a trigger lever at the rear of the vehicle;
a ratchet mechanism;
a lever to switch direction of movement;
three moving pedals (each are spring-loaded with its own rubber band control);
a hitch at the rear of the model designed for its trailer;
four-wheel drive and independent suspension on both axles;
removable shovel, ax, and jerry can;
rearview mirror;
a drive shaft and semi-axle shafts with crossings, just like you find on a real jeep.
Our “4×4” drives up to 2 meters. After assembly, set the lever position to forward or backward, put the locking lever in the stop position, wind up the model with the key (you’ll find the key in the spare wheel) and then lower the locking lever. The jeep has front wheel-steering. The hood opens and closes and is secured with two clips, and the windshield tilts.

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