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Windspeed Kites

Windspeed Addict Powerfoil 2.2m

Windspeed Addict Powerfoil 2.2m

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This Windspeed  Addict 2.2m power foil dual control power kite is a nice foil to fly. Learn to fly in light winds because if you’re out there in 15 knots winds it’s too late to learn to fly. An excellent trainer kite for wind surfers (it teaches you how to handle power before you strap on a harness.)
or just good ol’ dig-your-heels-into-the-sand-and-hold-on kite flying.

Kite Type: Parafoils (or Powerfoils)

like this 2.2m Addict dual control power kite are just like parasailers. They fly because sewn pockets fill with air to give the kite it’s shape & they steer with bridle lines, just like a rigid dual line kite. The Addict is extremely powerful and generated enormous pull as the wind picks up. This is definitely not for children.

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