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Ugears V Express Train locomotive with tender

Ugears V Express Train locomotive with tender

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Ugears V Express Steam Train with Tender a steam  locomotive model kit a  speedy  wind up  of cogs , piston wheels of kinetic mechanical action & sound , all the bits in laser cut ply that precisely go together, the creation of the most beautiful  3D DIY machine with your own hands there none like it
The engine whistle of the steam engine, that arousing country of progress  of the technological revolution that changed the world ,Day dreaming in a carriage while the world wizzes by, A marvellous mechanical locomotive model to get the brain whizzing and whirring, imagination, & invention  to foster development of the mind a fine winning build to inspire, no looking back down the line just blow that whistle to show off and keep rolling down the track A crazy look cool locomotive and tender  A wheel and cogs rocking Ride a toot toot build blast from the past  from the beginning to end ,so buy a ticket so you can get on and build and enjoy the ride,  no glue needed.