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Ugears Pneumatic Engine Model Kit

Ugears Pneumatic Engine Model Kit

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Ugears Pneumatic Engine Model Kit in Australia A wooden pneumatic mechanical wooden toy engineering comes alive working on air with fully functional working parts this model of motion with a thrilling whirring click ,clack of a spinning fly wheel and the crescendo of the hissing pneumatic driven wheels that spin the imagination
A table top package that will fit on your desk or table, or use the model machine for educational purposes.
The UGears Pneumatic Engine is the perfect demonstrative tool for learning about machining, potential and kinetic energy, mechanical tolerances, and certain basics of physics like the transfer of energy between objects.
Pneumatic motors generally convert the compressed air energy to mechanical work through linear motion through a piston actuator the convert it to rotary motion with a fly wheel see every component as you build it yourself, and a unobstructed view of the workings of the machine as it converts air pressure into motion.
An easy to follow instruction manual is followed faithfully, it should take only around 2 hours to assemble the 82 ply wood parts provided as part of the kit. The kit is rated at an easy difficulty and does not require any adhesives or tools to aid in construction, just fit the pieces together! Recommended for users 14 years old and older.

Number of parts: 81
Assembly time: 2 hours
Level: Easy
Model size: 16.2*7.8*10 cm

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