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Ugears locomotive with Tender

Ugears locomotive with Tender

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UGEARS 460 steam locomotive, a steampunk fire demon express replica, great build therapy bygone steam engineering with wheels, pistons, spinning gears
Ugears locomotive a fine winning build to inspire, no looking back down the line just blow that whistle to show off and keep rolling down the track
A crazy look cool locomotive and tender just arrived A wheel and cogs rocking Ride a toot toot build blast so buy a ticket so you can get on and build
All plywood components designed to replicate a real life steam train locomotive back to the time of key machine progress of the modern industrial age
This magnificent locomotive is operated using a lever near the driver’s window,& steered up to a distance of 5 meters using the gigantic gearwheel array.
An authentically styled cabin that includes an instrument panel and a retractable ladder beneath the door a roof hatch with tiny doors to see the inside.
Each piece is pre-cut into plywood boards a super-easy snap or snip to get those parts out. No glue needed, so you can say goodbye to the gum up goo up!
Included is a easy to understand instruction manual An easy straight forward build, all you need to have a little patience to assemble this model perfectly.