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Ugears Foldable Phone Holder Kit

Ugears Foldable Phone Holder Kit

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Ugears Foldable Phone Holder 3D wooden puzzle A Wooden Universal Desktop Mobile phone Holder With minimalistic Clean lines and functional design a wooden model that is not just a fun 3D-puzzle,all in one entertaining gadget to build to become a daily companion on your bussiness desk or at home  on your side table 

The Holder has an adjustable support angle offering three convenient positions. It provides extra-support for larger phones. Position can be adjusted by turning the central wheel at the fold. To prevent sliding and ensure your phone sits in place, the back stand is equipped with two rubber bands. The Holder is perfect for travel: it neatly folds down to a portable size and can fit in a bag or even in a pocket.

The portable, stable, and universally compatible Foldable Phone Holder is waiting to become your reliable partner in business and fun.
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