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Ugears Butterfly Model Kit

Ugears Butterfly Model Kit

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Ugears Butterfly model Kit "Happiness a butterfly which when chased is just beyond reach but sit quietly, it may  alight on you.", Nathanial Hawthor

The Ugears Butterfly is as unique and beautiful. An animated kinetic sculpture.  Equipped with a rubber-band motor, the mechanical automaton moves imitating the flutter of a butterfly with no external power source or batteries.

The delicate wings of The Butterfly are made of craft paper. The lower wings change their tilt angle when the model is working to ensure that the movements of the automaton resemble those of a real butterfly. Two front pairs of its legs move while the wings flutter. The back pair of legs are used as launch/stop levers of the rubber-band motor. Your Butterfly comes with two sets of wings: a colour one and a less bright, beige one, that you can paint as you like.

The Butterfly sits on a flower-shaped platform. The elastic support slightly bounces the model, making its movements more realistic so that The Butterfly dances and flutters in the air approaching the flower.

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