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Time For Machine Dazzling Steamliner Model Kit

Time For Machine Dazzling Steamliner Model Kit

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Tim e For machine Dazzling Steamliner Model kit ,All Aboard the Dazzling Steamliner  A wild dystopian world Kinetic Steampunk build Adventure upon a future time, great build therapy ,A Loco Wind up steam Engineering with the motion of turning wheels, pushing pistons & spinning gears.
Steam Punk Art Victorian Futuristic magnificence with immaculate shiny & sleek aerodynamic body lines.
A Crazy Cool Locomotive & Tender A Wheel and cogs rockin ride A toot toot Build Blast from the past.
The ticket to a build like no other a fine winning build to inspire ,No Looking Back Down the line Blow that whistle & keep rolling down the track to the finish, a clock work of the universal engineering perfection to show off.