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Rokr Night city marble run

Rokr Night city marble run

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ROKR Night City marble run a brand new Robotime  marble run mega city with a night shade of black with a a daunting  city tower fortress a hand crank wheel lifter distributor highway, spiral slopes, an Intricate system of cogs, gears and wheels, with an endless tangle of crazy street twists and turns and alley switch backs A neon glow of acrylic meets wood that sets the stage for a ballet of flashing steel.

The spark of STEM, the heart of the City’s core, is creativity of the mind, precision machinery, human engineering ,combining the beauty of science and machines turned imagination into reality .

Crank the handle, watch marbles run crazy down the slopes and twisting turns.
now incorporating high-transparent acrylic with wood. Funnel-shaped track, the total length now extended to 2.5 meters. Shake the handle, the steel ball will reciprocate along the track,
TOUGH FORTRESS: LGA01 Marble Night City is a handcrafted marble set with striking fortress. Build it with 294 building pieces and 10 marbles.
MANY GEAR GADGETS: Consists of a tower distributor, spiral slopes, a crane lifer, a wheel lifter, a short slide and small switches. Intricate system of cogs, gears and wheels, full of crazy twists and turns.
STEM CONCEPTS: Learn principles of Science ,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM)
HOBBY and GIFT: Precise laser cutting ensure you a fluent building experience. Also a great gift for family and friends.
Assembled Size:325*214*228 mm (12.78*8.45*8.97 inches)
Package Size: 317*233*48 mm (12.48*9.17*1.89 inches)
Wood Pieces: 294 pcs
Assembly Time: Around 4 hour

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