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image Rokr Monocular  replica nautical Telescope on tripod

Rokr Monocular Telescope

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ROKR Monocular Telescope ST004 3D Wooden Puzzle A replica retro marine nautical telescope  equipped with an extensible tripod. Push and pull the 3 tubes and you can see objects magnified through lens.
 A classic-style nautical telescope model. Great experience for the navigator. Decorative leather and retro mental nameplate, adjustable tripod, telescope lens barrel. Real sight Distance is 150M (500ft)

UNIQUE GIFT & STYLISH DECOR: A huge unique hands-on gift for any DIY lovers or any occasion like Christmas, Father's Day, Birthday. Luxury interior decor for your room and office.
FEEL THE SENSE OF FULFILLMENT: Have fun in every DIY crafting from building, crafting, or even re-decorating. It needs patience and dexterity, but also produces pleasure!
FAMILY FUN TOGETHER: The oversized kit takes more time than other 3D puzzles. Build it with family or friends to share the fun! It would be amazing when you finish.
Difficulty level: ★★★☆☆
Packaging Size: 310*230*35mm (12.2*9.05*1.37 inches)
Assembled Size: 330*240*325mm (13*9.44*12.79 inches)
Wood pieces: 314pcs
Lens: 20mm eyepiece ; 30mm objective lens
Weight: 570g