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Erstwilder Jewellery

Kyrie Kingfisher Erstwilder Brooch

Kyrie Kingfisher Erstwilder Brooch

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rKyrie Kingfisher Erstwilder Brooch An  Azure kingfisher ceyx azureus Alcedindae an auzzie through & North Queensland is my home.
My royal blue head head & body & contrasting orange chest, a colourful sight, along rainforest river banks do I roam.
A long dagger of a bill to pierce through ,a spear fisherman on the wing, sharp all seeing eyes like a radar dome.
From a branch near the river bank, I launch my attack ,a flash of colour enters the water, not a splash like a dart.
Then returning to my perch on high ,a very tasty meal of wiggling fish in my mouth to hold, its quite an acquired art
For others to admire, a brooch to wear the day through, a colourful character ,a Auzzie mate to win a place your heart.60mm x 59mm (H x W)


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