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Timberkits Skateboarder Automata Model kit By Timberkits

Timberkits Skateboarder Automata Model kit By Timberkits

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Timberkits Skateboarder  Automata Model Kit Designed in Wales UK  by Timberkits, when the crank is turned the skateboarder’s knees bend and the board moves from side to side as he rides.

The kit can be painted or stained after being built and guidance for this is covered in the instruction booklet. Self-assembly kits: all parts fully machined, just peg and glue. Kit Contains wooden shaped and drilled components; sandpaper; PVA glue; parts list; wax candle to ease joints; comprehensive instructions.

This kit is listed as confident difficulty rating and all the wood used in the kits is New Zealand pine and Bamboo which both come from sustainably certified sources; the glue used is PVA.

Ages 9 to 90 years. The assistance of an adult may be advisable for 9-12-year-olds (so brilliant for joint parent/grandparent and child projects!)