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Ryxy Business Erstwilder Brooch

Ryxy Business Erstwilder Brooch

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Ryxy business Erstwilder brooch, Is it a bird?, Is it a reptile?, No its Archaeopteryx, it had a bird like beak only with sharp teeth, contoured feathered wings it may of even glided or fly, A creature with reptilian three finger claws on its winged arms and a long feathered tail with many vertebrae  more in common with a velociraptor, so maybe it's, Bye Bye Birdie and in a class of it own ,a big question to ponder!, a totally unique creature of its time, a colourful Jurassic Dino?/Bird? Erstwilder jewellery Archaeopteryx brooch, but be sure your the early bird who catches the worm and click it and make your purchase, it's sure to exist for a small period, before becoming extinct