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image close Encounter erstwilder mini  brooch

close Encounter erstwilder mini brooch

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Close Encounters  Erstwilder Mini Brooch an Erstwilder jewellery Alienware U.F.O  trip to Earth through the cosmos faster than light speed, for a closer look, before  entering the  atmosphere and zipping around the world twice.
A one eyed Alien, with Purple \ skin and two antenna, a fun loving friendly fellow ,in a black & green flying saucer an Erstwilder Brooch has just landed, to take in the sights all around.
"I have Come in Peace ,I'm no monster I want to be friends ,I just need a Closer look to get to know this species better ,Earthlings An interesting mix and capable of such beautiful dreams".
Close Encounters of the Erstwilder kind, he comes in Peace ,just adopt and show him around, a cute alien being who needs to travel & have lots of fun so why not give him what he wants.
An Alien Close encounter to delight ,a fashion change very hard to ignore an Erstwilder Jewellery brooch to wear ,an out of this world new Galactic colourful new release.