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Chaz The Chinchilla Erstwilder Brooch
Erstwilder Jewellery

Chaz The Chinchilla Erstwilder Brooch

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Chaz the chinchilla Party Animal with his ice cool instinct,the life of the party,so happy,part of Erstwilders south Americian society a fun way to jazz up.
Fast living a furry chin chin chilla toast, party hard to the max, always happy in a crowd,they are sweet,heres to you good wishes,just love at first sight
A funky party chinchilla to hopp on by, an Erstwilder jewellery mix of the new world a very cool fluff ball to wear and love,resistance is totally useless.
Totally transform your look,the call of the wild to buy & turn the Erstwilder Brooch chinchilla loose in the best nightclub near you.Buy your ticket here!
A popular contest to muster "healthy for the spirit to let it be from time to time (always with responsibly) and enjoy a great night Party-Animalling away.