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Cathys Flower House Rolife Miniature Room Diorama Kit

Cathys Flower House Rolife Miniature Room Diorama Kit

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Cathy's Flower House miniature Rolife room diorama hobby craft kit a  Robotime Room Greenhouse DIY Miniatures Kit - Realistic mini dollhouse a hothouse of creative craft endeavour you can build yourself or with your friends. It's time to create your very own miniature greenhouse, complete with LED lighting. This DIY miniature room model will keep you busy for hours as you cut, fold, glue and transform the supplied pieces into delightful keepsake It mimics a well-designed transparent glass greenhouse with so many beautiful plants and flowers. Open the door, to a miniature world and walk into the bright garden and breathe its fresh air, like a full size dream garden green house in real! Extend your gardening season with a  Greenhouse dolls house craft Kit. DIY friendly so you can get going crafting and pottering around in your miniature gardennight or day  all year round! whatever the weather Battery: LED Light needs two lithium button cells excluded
Assembled Size: 195*175*175mm
Includes: Accessories and some tools, clear English instruction
Assembly time: About 16-24hrs hours
With many miniatures, plants, flowers and vases, flower racks, slatted crates, wooden cabinet, paper boxes, photo frame, spade, broom, painting and rack etc. build things that come to life in miniature
recommended Age:14+(not suitable for young children)safe non toxic